Terminator Six Way T6 Series

ISO 5211 Mounting, Orifice, Plate Inserts, Linear Flow Characteristics

The Terminator Six Way T6 Series is designed to connect a four system to a single coil and provide modulating heating/cooling control and coil insulation in a single compact body. Taking place of four control valves, our six way valve drastically simplifies the installation process while saving time and money.


  • Handled fluid: Water (glycol max 50%)
  • Min Water Temp: 14°F
  • Max Water Temp: 248°F
  • Normal Pressure: 232 PSI
  • Characteristic Curve: Linear
  • Cv: Field Adjustable
  • Size: 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Total Operation Angle: 90°
  • First Side Operation Angle: 0-32°F
  • "Dead Zone" Operation Angle: 32-58°F
  • Second Side Operation Angle: 58-90°F
  • Weigh of Valve: 2 lb
  • Water Quality: Fe < .5ppm, Cu < .1ppm
Part No. Description
T6-AF-1.45 1/2", FNPT connection, 1.45 max Cv
T6-BF-4.62 3/4", FNPT connection, 4.62 max Cv
T6-AU-1.45 1/2", union connection, 1.45 max Cv
T6-AU-3.24 1/2", Union Connection, 3.24 max Cv
T6-MB-P T6 angle mounting bracket
T6-PLIERS Pliers for T6 Cv discs