Terminator PICV 93 Series

PT Ports, Differential Pressure Regulator, External Flow Presetting Dial, Double Union Connection, Axial Control Valve, Location Tag, 360 WOG

The TerminatorPICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve) is a combined constant flow limiter and full stroke, full authority temperature control valve. The TerminatorPICV is suitable for use in variable and constant temperature systems and may be used as constant flow limiter inconstant volume systems (without an actuator head) or as a true PICV in variable volume systems.

  • 5-58 PSID operating range
  • +/- 5% accuracy up to 15 PSID
  • Two pressure / temperature (PT) test ports
  • Location tag
  • ANSI class IV leakage rate
  • 100% leak tested
  • Control Valve Stroke: 6.0mm
  • Rangeability: 100-150